Quotes and proverbs


  • "50 sheep without a shepherd are not a herd "-" (Russian proverb)

  • "There are more easily his sheep that her friends"- Socrates

  • "Lots of noise and little wool"- This proverb is of a big fuss for nothing.

  • "A lot of screams and little wool" (Lots of smoke and little roast) - Flemish proverb *


  • "The soul of a Wolf often hides under the wool of a sheep". Danish proverb (1892) - Viscount of Celleville and Fritz de Zepelin

  • "Lazy sheep find its too heavy wool"- proverb

  • "Mow the, not écorche it" (Go slowly)Flemish proverb *.

  • "One tond sheep, the other the piglet" (I.e. do not follow the good examples) - Flemish proverb *.

  • "Soft as a lamb"- Flemish proverb *.

  • "Garment of"  wool maintains healthy skin"

  • "Search a sheep has five legs"


  • Remain the hooves at the feet (Waiting) - Flemish proverb

  • Have both feet in the same shoe - (be embarrassed, unable to act, not to be Streetwise)
  • See what wood I me heat(Threat expression, expression to say that we'll get angry, it will show what it is capable in a conflict)

*: Flemish, named or subtitled proverbs the inverted world or even the blue Huque, is a painting of Pierre Brueghel the elderdated 1559, currently at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin which is part of the corpus of certain of theŒuvre painted by Pieter Brueghel the elder. (source wilkipedia)



  • "Drinking the juice of socks": expressed a somewhat clear Café, not strong enough

Proverbs generals, existence:

  • "The shortest paths are not always the best" - Scandinavian proverb
  • "The mantle of truth is often doubled lies"



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