"Who has never bought his socks batch of ten supermarket?

But yes, you know, those specials, white with colored stripes at the level of the calf. Which at the end of two washes lost all elasticity. That gave bulbs at the feet. That fall from the third meeting of sport. Which after drying resembled old pancakes and were soft like a piece of cardboard...

And then... and then there's the spirit Nordic socks. I no longer they feet. I could brag about their comfort, their sweetness, their resistance and their other countless qualities, but some deal of smooth talker. "So rather than debating for hours on the subject, do as Saint-Thomas and his"I don't think that what I see", rather try!"

 Benoît Chauvet high level sportsman and writer Nordic skiing long distances

November 2013


Test socks spirit Nordic



Great Northern spaces have always been synonymous with adventure, nature and authenticity.

It is on in this state of mind that operates Cool In, importers of products 'made in the high', with including a range of Finnish Merino Wool Socks.


The test conditions : hiking in the mountains by cold weather, cycling, running. Use non-stop for more than 10 days.


Technical characteristics

Brand: Ylin

Origin: Finland

Test size: 43/45


-Model: Nature (ref 6042)

-Material: 60% wool10% polyamide

-Machine washable at 60 ° C


-Model: Sport nature (ref 7775)

-Material: 75% Merino Wool20% polyamide, 15% polypropylene, 5% lycra

-Machine washable at 40 ° C


-Model: Ski Performance (ref 2447)

-Material: 90% Merino Wool10% polyamide

-Machine washable at 60 ° C





Test 3 different socks models have enabled me to get an idea of the range of products that offers Nordic spirit.


Anti bacterial properties

If one were to retain a thing of socks YlinIt is their incredible ability to limit odours. Whether it's during intense efforts (race walking, mountain hiking,...) or use continues for a long time, odour appeared very late and remained really very discrete. Nothing to do with a synthetic textile, and even with other competing models...



Comfort is also at the rendezvous, with very pleasant to wear models. The foot is not compressed which avoids problems of traffic and therefore cooling of the latter. The 'nature' model is equipped with a wide clamping elastic, which prevents the oppression of the foot, but the same shot dropped the sock at the bottom of the calves if you are a little too slim.



Be hot or wet, it is necessary to choose! It is generally the case with synthetic sport textiles, and this dilemma is all the more frustrating that there often are cold after too perspiring during intense effort, flooding our clothes which lose their heat capacity once stopped. However, as everyone knows that the cold creeps as a priority by the ends, we understand therefore how it is important to protect them. Merino Wool has this wonderful ability to retain much of its thermal capabilities even when wet. Therefore, you can walk very wet feet without cold (although the feeling is not nice)!

The thickness of the ski model coupled with its length (knee-deep) ensures effective thermal protection for all activities in cold weather. Side look, the colors red and white would suffice to him only to warm our feet!




-Efficiency anti bacterial real

-Heat, especially for ski model



Finally, I can remove my shoes in the middle of a shelter unless the Assembly turns throwing me inquisitive glances! Effective anti bacterial bluffing that allows to consider calmly backpacking with a minimum of change.

When Cool in, we cannot encourage the approach ethical and respectful of working and environmental conditions in which they register!


February 2011

Volodia Petropavlovsky

[email protected]



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