Large square of silk polka dot design

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Large square of silk polka dot design and colorful.

Softness and regulated warmth of this square of silk


The square of silk Polka dot is an essential fashion accessory.


Gift for mothers day or an anniversary

Size: 95 * 95 cm - 100% silk Colors: orange, Fuchsia, blue

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Our squares of silk polka dot you enjoyment by their timeless elegance: luxury at your fingertips.

Washable by hand to warm temperature.


SILK  is of animal origin.

Continuous silk thread is obtained after reeling from the cocoon that is manufactured by the larva of a butterfly, the Bombyx.


 Very smooth : the molecular structure of a silk thread is very close to that of human skin. It includes 18 different amino acids. It is one of the reasons for which the silk is so soft to the touch.


 Low thickness :  light and pleasant

High elasticity

Insulates very well : warm in winter / cold in the summer. Poor conductive of heat, its heat capacity is very large.

The strongest natural fiber known : It is 3 times stronger than wool.

Glistens and shines : Silk contains proteins (family of the fibrin) identical to the one found in the beads. These proteins are at the origin of the sheen of silk.

Highly absorbent fiber : she can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water and retain12%.


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