leisure winter khaki wool socks for winter

Nature socks in pure wool 99% 1% elastane for an assured comfort, this non-compressing wool is woven with large links allowing you a wide range of activities (leisure, hunting, fishing).

While remaining close to nature, this wool will also offer you a longer duration of wear without odours, very practical for backpacking or for nights in chalets. 

Comfortable, resistant and non-compressing sock.

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T6807 rouge orange 37/39
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  • grey
  • red orange
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The orange-red and grey merino wool sock. 

With its simple and uncluttered design, the Comfort sock is both a city sock and a mountain sock due to its thickness. It is available in two colours, a first one in orange red and a second one in grey. 

Woven with two different weaves, the first weave which covers the foot to the ankle is a loop weave, with a second colour of thread creating relief in the stitch, also allowing you to keep your feet warm. The second weave on the sides keeps the calf warm without compressing it.


This model is made of 80% Merino wool, 15% Polyamide, 5% Elastane. 

* Natural thermoregulation thanks to the wool (warmth and softness) * Two types of weaving that adapt perfectly to your morphology * 100% looped insole from the ankle to the toes (prevents blisters) Colour: Orange Red - Sizes: 37/39, 40/42 - washable at 60°C Colour: Grey - Sizes: 37/39, 40/42, 43/45 - washable at 60°C Made in Finland

Properties of wool 

 A wool fibre is 20 to 80 microns in diameter and varies in length from 2 to 30 cm.
Wool is a natural, renewable and ecological resource. Wool is a natural, renewable and environmentally friendly resource, as it grows back after shearing, and its production requires little energy as the sheep are raised in the open air.
Wool is 100% biodegradable.
Wool is an excellent thermal insulator (and soundproofing too!) and lets the skin breathe naturally. It traps almost 80% of the air in its own weight. Thanks to the amount of air trapped in its fibres, wool protects against the cold, and against heat. It keeps us warm in winter and is pleasant to wear in summer.
Wool is a good moisture regulator: it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture while remaining dry to the touch. This hydrophilic quality makes wool a "breathable" fibre that is very popular with sportsmen.
Wool is not easily flammable. Wool ignites at 600°C and burns slowly. Airline companies use it for their seats and carpets. It does not retain dust, does not get dirty and can be dyed in any colour.
Wool is resistant to twisting and warping and has good elasticity. Thanks to these qualities, garments made from wool retain their shape and resist creasing. The fibre can be twisted, turned, twisted and then returned to its original shape. As it is elastic, it can stretch up to 30% of its original length without breaking because it has a high tensile strength.
Wool is a versatile textile material. It comes in a variety of forms specific to each sheep breed. For example, we can find wool to make a layette for a newborn, wool to make a carpet, and wool to make a cap or jumper.


Washable at 60 ° C

Manufactured in Finland

Product Details
T6807 rouge orange 37/39

Data sheet

main composition
Wool 75%
polyamide 25%
Wash and care
Machine washable at 60 ° C

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